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  • Where is your studio based?
    Katie’s studio is located in North-West, Sydney.
  • Do you have a studio based in North Sydney?
    No, Katie no longer has a studio space in North Sydney.
  • Do you offer hair services?
    No, Katie only performs makeup application and does not offer hair services.
  • Can you travel to my home, hotel or event location?
    Yes absolutely! Katie offers mobile services in and around the Sydney area. A travel fee will apply and depending on your location and ideal service date/time, a minimal number of clients may be required, especially applicable during peak seasons. Katie will be able to provide you with an accurate travel fee cost upon receiving your enquiry form.
  • Will I be required to supply anything if the service is carried out at my home, hotel or event location?
    Katie will bring with her a professional ring light, chair and her full makeup kit however, kindly asks that a table and electrical outlet is provided for her to use at your location. The edge of a kitchen bench or dining table will work well and if possible, located in an area exposed to natural lighting.
  • How long does makeup application take?
    For special occasion services, Katie recommends allowing 75 minutes for makeup application per person. If your desired look involves detailed liner or colour work, e.g. graphic liner or cut crease, then 90 minutes is recommended. When considering your ideal service time, please factor in 10-15 minutes before and after makeup application to allow Katie to set-up and pack-up her equipment and kit.
  • How long does makeup application take for bridal services and what order to you suggest?
    For loved ones and bridal party members, Katie recommends allowing 60 minutes. For the bride-to-be, Katie recommends allowing 75 minutes to perfect every little detail. If a trial has not been carried out prior to the day or a discussion has not been had about each persons desired look, extra time may need to be allotted per person. Upon completion of all makeup, if time permits, Katie will provide touch-ups if necessary. This is so those who have their makeup done first, can still comfortably eat and drink throughout the morning and it may also be a great time for the photographer to capture those special ’getting ready’ shots. The order of makeup application on the day is completely up to you however, loved ones will usually go first, followed by the bridesmaids and finally the bride. Katie will work closely with you to design a detailed schedule that suits you as well as your hairdresser and photographer, to ensure the morning or afternoon runs smoothly.
  • Do you provide and apply false lashes?
    Yes, absolutely! Katie likes to use false lashes to accentuate the final look and therefore, offers them complimentary with each makeup service. However, if you do not wish to have false lashes then she will not use them. On the day, Katie will provide a number of different lash style options for you to choose from, including individuals, outer corner and strip. These lash styles have been hand selected by Katie and can accommodate to all makeup looks, whether you are a beginner or everyday lash wearer. If you are unsure of what style will best suit you, Katie is happy to provide you with her professional recommendation.
  • Should I get my makeup done before or after my hairdressing appointment?
    This is completely up to you and your schedule on the day however, Katie encourages makeup to be done after hair. This is to will ensure the makeup does not get ruined in anyway during your hair appointment, especially if your chosen style requires your hair to be washed or blow-dried.
  • What makeup brands do you use?
    Katie’s offers an extensive range of high-quality makeup brands in her kit. Katie is a makeup lover and therefore, not loyal to any one specific brand. Some of the brands Katie uses in her kit include Morphe, Benefit Costmetics, MAC, Fenty Beauty, Sigma Beauty, Modelrock Cosmetics, Huda Beauty, Tarte Cosmetics, Stila, P.Louise and Laura Mercier.
  • I have a favourite makeup product that I use in my everyday makeup routine. Can I bring this with me for you to apply?
    Of course! Katie is very flexible and enjoys incorporating your favourite foundation, blush or lipstick into the application process so that you feel 100% comfortable and happy with the end result.
  • What should I bring to my service?
    Just yourself! Katie will provide all makeup products to achieve a beautiful full face makeup application. She does, however, encourage you to bring ‘inspo’ photos of your desired look, as they will provide her with a better insight into your makeup vision and help save time during the application process. If you are unsure of what look may suit you and your outfit, no worries! Bring along some photos of makeup looks and/or colour schemes that you love and Katie will use her years of experience to design and customise a look that compliments your features, attire and occasion. You are also welcome to bring your outfit and any hair pieces, jewellery or accessories that you would like to match or incorporate into your makeup look.
  • At the time of my service, I will have lash extensions on. Will this affect the eyeshadow application?
    No, not at all! Katie will be able to work the eyeshadow application around your lash extensions. However, Katie will not recommend any false lashes be applied on top, unless to fill in small gaps, as the lash extensions can obstruct false lashes from sitting correctly. It will be up to you to understand and accept the result applying makeup may have to the condition of your lash extensions.
  • Do you have a team of makeup artists for large groups?
    No, Katie is a one-woman show and is comfortable working with large groups on her own. Depending on the timing and schedule of the day, Katie does not take on parties larger than 8 people so she can ensure she maintains a high standard for each individual.
  • I have highly sensitive and extremely reactive skin. How can I guarantee I won’t react to your products?
    Whilst Katie has not previously experienced any clients who have reacted to her products, unfortunately she cannot guarantee this be the case for everyone, as no two people have the same skin type. It is important to make Katie aware of any skin concerns ahead of time so that she can consult with you to see if there are any particular products, brands and/or ingredients known to you that may cause a reaction. Katie will try her best to accommodate to your individual skin needs however, she may recommend you bring your own tried and tested base products for her to use to subside any of your worries and guarantee your well-being.
  • For bridal services, what is included in my touch-up kit?
    Katie will provide complimentary touch-up kits to all brides and bridesmaids. The bride’s touch-up kit will include disposable makeup tools such as a beauty sponge and lip applicator, as well as oil blotting sheets, loose translucent powder and a swatch of the chosen lip colour for multiple reapplications throughout the day. The bridesmaid’s touch-up kit will include disposable lip tools such as an applicator wand and brush, as well as a swatch of the chosen lip colour.
  • How should I prepare my skin in order to achieve the best and most long-lasting results?
    Skin preparation is an important part of the application process and not only creates a smooth, hydrated base for products to sit on and absorb into but also gives makeup the very best chance of lasting all day. For this reason, Katie encourages you to continue to apply your chosen moisturiser and lip balm leading up to your service and if desired, incorporate a gentle exfoliator into your routine to help remove dead skin cells. On the day of your service, please arrive with a freshly washed face to give Katie a clean and bare canvas to work on. To get the most wear out of the makeup, you may also want to consider purchasing blotting sheets and/or a compact face powder for a quick touch-up on the go, especially if your skin is prone to getting oily, absorbing makeup and/or creasing. Popping your favourite lipstick in your purse to reapply throughout the night is also a great way to refreshen your makeup and not have to worry about eating or drinking.
  • I’ll be waxing my brows and/or facial hair prior to my service. Will this affect how the makeup applies on the skin?
    Yes it will! Freshly waxed skin, especially around sensitive parts of the face, can leave the skin too smooth and shiny. For some people this can create a barrier causing the makeup to not absorb into those areas and simply slip off. Katie recommends all waxing treatments to be carried out at least 5 days prior to your makeup service however, understands that this is not always possible. In this case, Katie will do her best to modify the makeup look around the treated areas but asks that you keep this in mind prior to booking any facial hair removal services.
  • I picked a spot the night before my service and/or have a cold sore. Can you cover it?
    Whilst Katie sympathises and understands the annoyance of such occurrences, she also must ensure she continues to uphold high level of hygiene practices and prioritise your health and safety. Therefore, to prevent risk of further infection and transmission to others, she is unable to apply product on any type of sore, open wound or if you have a contagious infection. It is important to make Katie aware of any skin conditions and/or infections prior to your service. Katie recognises this can be a personal subject and will work discreetly to modify your look accordingly to still achieve your desired result.
  • What are your hygiene practises?
    Katie strives to maintain an extremely high level of hygiene practises throughout her kit and work space. No matter how large the group, Katie allocates each person with their own freshly washed and sterilised brush set, which she will use on them throughout the entire makeup application. In between each client, Katie disinfects all used makeup products, sanitises her work bench and changes over equipment to ensure each client starts their service in a fresh, clean, hygienic space. Your health and safety are Katie’s number 1 priority. When she is unable to meticulously sterilise a product such as a mascara tube, she will use disposable makeup tools and has a strict no ‘double-dipping’ rule. Katie uses a clean towel on her work bench for every service and always keeps a bottle of hand sanitiser with her, which she uses before and throughout the makeup application process. She also wears a face mask throughout the duration of the service and asks her clients to cancel their booking if they are feeling unwell. Katie will not apply product to any type or sore, open wound or contagious infection to ensure her kit is not contaminated and prevent the spread of germs.
  • Can I hire you for specific steps of my makeup routine such as only my face or eyes?
    To guarantee the best results, Katie does not offer this service. She enjoys creating a complete look from start to finish and will customise her application to suit your makeup wants and needs.
  • Should I have a trial and how far in advance should I book this?
    Whether you choose to have a trial prior to your event is completely up to you however, this will save time on the day of your service. A trial is a great way to ease any anxiety you have surrounding the makeup and ensure you are 100% happy in your decision to proceed with Katie’s services. At the trial, you will have an in-depth consultation with Katie about your desired look, makeup preferences, your event, as well as any special requirements you may have. This will also give Katie the opportunity to assess your skin type and tone and carefully select which products may work best for you. She will ask plenty of questions as she completes your full makeup application and will make any necessary adjustments based on your feedback. Katie allocates 2 hours per person for all trials, which are held at her studio located in North-West Sydney. For bridal services, a trial is highly recommended. If another member of the bridal party would like to join the bride and have a trial, this can be booked back-to-back subject to Katie’s availability. Katie’s recommendation is that trials are held roughly 2-4 weeks prior to the big day to ensure all elements that may influence your makeup choices have already been finalised such as your outfit, colour scheme, hairstyle, and jewellery selection. Katie does, however, completely understand that you may wish to have a trial prior to committing to her services. In this case, she recommends the trial be held as soon as possible to guarantee her services on your event date, as a booking is not secure without a deposit. If this trial is carried out more than a few months prior to your event, Katie encourages you to consider booking a second trial to ensure you are completely happy with what has been chosen.
  • How can I secure your services and what if my event is cancelled?
    To secure Katie’s services, a 50% non-refundable deposit via bank transfer is required. In the unfortunate circumstance that your event is cancelled, you will be given the opportunity to hold onto your deposit and reschedule your booking within 3 months of notifying Katie. If you do not have another event within this 3-month period, you are welcome to transfer your deposit to a friend member or friend who can use it within the set period of time, given this has been discussed with Katie prior.

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